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I am an affiiate with and they have provided me with all the links I need to add products onto my store.  When someone clicks on the product on my store it is supposed to go to the Christian website & directly to that product but I am having trouble getting that to work so I know there is something I am doing wrong.  Can anyone help me out?

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Hello @2Stores 


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Well, what is happening is this.  I can get the product on my collection page, but when the customer clicks on it they are supposed to be taken to the other companies page on their website and instead it just takes them to my own product details page.

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you didn't gave your affiliate link properly... may be because this its jumping from your page..

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My link works when I click on ti from my products description and takes me to the outside website just like it should.  But when I put the link in the link box to add it, it does not take me to the outside website, it takes me to my own product page which is NOT correct. Why is it working in one spot but not the other?

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Maybe the affiliate link giving to you is not typed or copied to your  properly.

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