AI powered solution for reducing dropshipping risk and cost

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Hello Everyone,

my name is Liam, founder of Theatlas AI. We're seeking to build a robust demand forecasting tool for dropshippers, by utilizing AI to connect and relate sales data with digital conversations taking place all around the world. We're in the development stage and would love to work with our future customers regarding their needs and desires for an e-commerce tool. Theatlas seeks to help dropshippers: 1. Reduce costs by showcasing the most optimal platforms at any given time, to advertise their specific products 2. Forecast demand and conversational trends in order to identify future top-selling products months prior 3. Reduce risk when it comes to being able to fulfill orders by anticipating demand weeks in advance. These are only some of a few features we seek to provide our users, but first I'd love to speak to those interested in the solution so they can voice their concerns, and come on as beta users and enjoy the software exclusively within the first few months, offering them a unique advantage in e-commerce.

For more information, please do, reach out to me at ( with regards to your interest, or enter your email on the request access component of our website AI e-commerce analytics | Theatlas AI | Rathmore


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Hi @liammcsherry 

Seems a great tool. Launched already? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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@dropship_helps At the moment we're still in the development phase but we're looking to liaison with drop shippers regarding their priorities and problems within the industry. As mentioned above, I'm looking to find a community of drop shippers who, as part of their shared advice, will enjoy the solution exclusively for the first few months of launching. From what I've seen on your website, your community could benefit from my solution as I could from your guidance within the industry. If you have an email to reach you at, I'd love to talk more about a possible future partnership.