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Hi everyone,


I am wondering if anyone can help or knows if i use Aliexpress standard shipping will they put a note on the parcel stating that it is sent by Aliexpres? if so, is it possible before i make the order to notify the supplier to remove it since i am a drop shipper?

Another question is some suppliers provides a tracing number for Epacket but some of them doesn't, also for example the same supplier provides tracking info for the same product for shipping to US, if i chose to spain then epacket doesnt provide a tracking info. is there a way to generate a tracking number for epacket since when i read about epacket on Oberlo its saying that all of the suppliers use a tracking numbers! 


I am a drop shipper and i have just started so i am wondering if there is a solution for the above mentioned problems.


attached is problem of the epacket, you can see that the supplier doesn't provide tracking information for spain unlike the US.Untitled.png

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You can just send a private message to the supplier on AliExpress and ask them not to include any notes or indications that it came from them. There will be absolutely nothing that will say it came from AliExpress. 


ePacket is its own thing so if a tracking number isn't provided I don't think there is a way of getting one short of contacting the company. 

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hi, there.


This is Dallas from the Social Care Team here at Shopify. Great questions!


To answer your first question, yes you can request that. It will depend on what supplier you are using, but if you reach out to contact them and ask them to not add any documentation they generally won't add anything.


If you are on the item page you can scroll down and on the left-hand side, there is a button to contact the supplier directly. If you reach out there you should get a hold of them.




However, you can also just add it to the order notes when you purchase the product. This way is alot easier.


For your second question, with Oberlo all of the suppliers have tracking numbers, however by the looks of the image that you are showing it appears that you are just in AliExpress. You can order from suppliers on AliExpress through Oberlo but we don't control anything on AliExpress.


If you want to have guaranteed tracking numbers you will want to look into using Oberlo. You can get AliExpress products in Oberlo, as I said above, but it will just be shown in the Oberlo system. This way there is more guarantees to the features that you are provided from the suppliers that you are choosing from. Does that make sense?


Have you looked into using Oberlo yet?

Let me know,

Dallas | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi @Gaja88 

If you are using oberlo please do this.  go to Oberlo > Settings > Suppliers > Custom note. The supplier will see this message together with the order information.



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Does anyone have any luck with this. 

I have the note to not include anything that says Aliexpress or invoices ect. 

a lot of suppliers are fine, but when I’ve checked a few suppliers have this written on the outside of their package and tell me they can’t remove it.

on the shipping label it says shipping : aliexpress  

so frustrating as these products have already shipped, hoping this doesn’t cause problems when they arrive. 

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Who is your dropship supplier? If so could you give his form on contact? Thanks