Amazon, AlieExpress, and my store all in one?

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Ok, new to Shopify, and I'm sure it can be done, I'm just not seeing it here in the forums.  


Here's the situation:

I'm starting up a store linked to my website that will have a subdomain (ex: This I've figured out.


Within the shop I want to list products that are essentially amazon affiliate links (someone else's product on Amazon that is fulfilled by Amazon) .  Found a few threads and it looks like Linkify is the answer.


But I also want to carry products via Oberlo (or something similar) that are drop shipped from China via AliExpress.


And Finally, I want to list some products that I'd have produced and shipped locally from a 'storefront.'


I'd like the customer experience to be that they can add items from any of these methods into the cart on my site.  Pay on my site using the Shopify checkout methods and then the products are shipped from whichever method without the customer seeing the magic behind the curtain.


What I can't figure out is will Shopify allow me to have all three methods at once so that I can list these products side by side on my site?

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Hi @ipjaeger,


I know you can definitely list all these products side by side on your Shopify store, but I don't think there's functionality for hiding the process behind the checkout. Amazon affiliate links always require checkout to take place on Amazon I believe, so your customer will be redirected there. 


As for your dropshipping products and your locally shipped products, there's no way your customer will know where these are coming from when they checkout on your store. They're likely to find out when they receive the item though. 


I think the main issue you're going to run into here is the Amazon affiliation side of things. 


Hope this helps!


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Drop shipping products & local products , customers will not find out where these are coming from, when they is check out on your store. all they may find out is where they are receiving the product from..

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Hi @ipjaeger 

Affiliate products and Dropshipping products are not recommended on the same website. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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