App for custom suppliers to fulfil orders and ship to customers

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Hi all, 

Looking for an app that can do the following two things:

1. suppliers can add their products to our store and update them themselves

2. suppliers get sent orders and can fulfil them them selves. 

This would be a multi platform website where we would also have our own fulfilment services as well. 

Any suggestions would be great, doesn't seem like there are any custom dropshipping platforms out there. 



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Hi @RoisinCull 

Do you mean like eBay and Amazon? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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No, I’m looking for a platform where I can set up my own suppliers to fulfil orders from my site and they can update the products they sell on my site.
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Hi @RoisinCull 

Try Syncee:

With Syncee's Auto Order solution the order data automatically will sent to the supplier. The product upload and updates automated. And if you want you can sell your products on Syncee Marketplace.

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