Apparel drop shipping, find suppliers!

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Hi, I've had my Shopify store for about 2 months now and only have sales from family and friends, which is great. Now that the family and friend rush is over, and I can't be more thankful. With those sales behind me, I feel as though my store has entered the deep dark web and I'm now finding it hard to get customers to my site even after launching free giveaway campaigns on facebook and instagram.

At Arr. Apparel, I started off my product line with handmade bowties, made by myself. It started out as a fun little hobby that I invisioned turning into a ecommerce store. That I have done and on the road to making this happen I have become very aware how time consuming making and running a Ecommerce site can be, I really need two of me, one to make the product and another to keep promoting and pushing online presence via social media and the website.

Noticing this, I'm at a cross road in my business. 

Should I either:

  • continue moving forward just with bow ties, where I'm not seeing sales 
  • steer my store towards more general apparel creating t-shirts, hats, hoodies, and steer bow ties into accerories an fase them out.

I would love to hear any suggestions or feedback you might have. Or what "Arr. Apparel" when you say it makes you think of!




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Its always a numbers game....its a function of how many eyeballs you can get on your product and if its something that people want...and at the right price.  We always struggle with those questions but also its a long term commitement so you just have to keep pushing forward and dont give up if its what you want.  Blogging and youtube would probably work wonders for you as well as instagram

Good luck

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You have to have a tremendous amount of traffic and focus on your specific target market.  i am rebranding my site to focus more on my target market.

If I were in your position, I would focus on the ties, find your customers and market/advertise to them.  Then when you get to know your customer and what they want, you can expand. 

Trying to expand now is like shooting in the dark.  Trust me, no matter what you add now, it will not bring you sales.  It will be wasted energy.  

Best of luck.

Susanne Quirk