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Hello Shopify Masters,

My name is Jason, I own and sell apparel through my own Shopify Store, Amazon and some traditional B&M clients. After a few years of success I have cut out all the middle men and built a factory in Pakistan myself. I currently own and operate a 10,000 sq factory in Sailkot, Pakistan with a team of about 25 cutters, sewers, pattern makers, machine operators (union threaders, poly stitchers, quilt press, sublimation and dye press machines).

Some of my staff have over 25 years of experience and I have poached them from other factories that had clients such as Champion, Speedo, Adidas, Mango, Zara and H&M.

For a limited time and for seriously clients only - I am offering direct to factory apparel manufacturing services. No middle men, brokers, sales reps. Last time I did this I was flooded with inquiries so I will keep it limited this time. I am only doing this to expand my factory to balance the work load during slow periods before we ramp up for Christmas.

To add to my credibility I don't need MOQ - most factories will request this to maintain a healthy profit margin and to payout their middle men. But since you work directly with my pattern masters I can do low runs. Sample costs range from $100-500 USD per design depending on item, shirts are basic but if your looking to make sub-zero goose feathered jackets it gets expensive real fast.

My buyers travel from Pakistan to China weekly and are always on the look out for new materials and fabrics. All our raw materials are bought from China bulk and shipped to Pakistan, Pakistan has yet to develop textile processing, especially with latex, polyester and artificial fabrics like Shambray so everything is purchased from raw mills in China. Even the factories in China buy from these same mills.

Serious inquiries only please! As my time is money and my workers are money, no factory will offer you the transparency and up-front pricing I can offer. 90% of the time, especially in China your working with numerous middle men. I live in Toronto, Canada, communication will be not an issue and can also help with importing, duty and tax advice. 

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