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Hi guys,


I am setting up my store and am based in Australia (selling worldwide).


However, I have a US bank account and am looking for the best provider that will pay me directly in USD to avoid the high currency conversion rate by providers such as Stripe as I know it's quite high.


I have spoke to them and they informed me that the will only payout in AUD and I am planning on doing big volume and would appreciate if anyone has feedback of other providers that will indeed payout in USD with good fees etc.



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Hello @Eroni99 


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Thanks for the reply 🙂


PayPal works, but I am looking for a credit card provider to have in addition. 


Stripe would be perfect, but I don't want to pay their own set conversion when going from USD to AUD


Hence why I am after a provider that will pay direct into my USD account despite me being based in AU.


Thanks again

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i highly recommend providers such as: 2CHECKOUT,PAYSIMPLE,WEPAY.

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