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Automatic fulfillment issues with oberlo, Please help!?

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I'm having difficulty finding information on automatic fulfillment. i can find how to set it up but not how it works in order for me to properly diagnose this issue myself. so Ive just made my first few sales. The first sale seemed to process correctly and is now marked as fulfilled with the green icon on the right of the product price but over the order it says "in progress" and also says it has shipped when viewing from within oberlo as well as shopify says "in progress" and until now i have assumed that it is marked with the fulfilled green icon because it was shipped and marked in progress just because it has not arrived at the destination yet i remain unsure because no tracking information is available for that order that i'm able to find. find.
Then another order comes in and inside oberlo is immediately marked as fulfilled and shipped along with this urgent looking notification "You requested fulfillment for this order in Shopify. However, products were not ordered from the supplier. To purchase items from the supplier, you need to cancel the fulfillment request."
referencereferenceneed to know, was my first order fulfilled and shipped as it says in oberlo and am i right that inside shopify it still is in progress because it hasnt arrived? i also need to know why the second order was marked fulfilled and shipped immediately when it could not be possibly the case so quickly and the notification i mentioned contradicts this, which am i to believe? and finally how should i be handling the fulfillment process from here? is this my fault for not understanding something or the suppliers fault?
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is there just something innately wrong with the auto fulfill system or am i just doing it wrong?

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I see precisely the same issue with one of my very new sites regarding orders thus far.

I am actively searching for a way to individually validate whether or not those items have indeed shipped, short of having my staff personally contact each vendor to confirm (which would be a ridiculous level of overhead for what is usually a "Turnkey" business-model for us).

To be fair, we have other sites which do not exhibit this error - thus far...

Watching this thread with interest.

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Hi @Jesco 

What are the supplier apps you are using than Oberlo? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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