Automating Order Processing with Dropshipping

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Hey guys,

I run a multi-vendor store based on dropshipping. My vendors are fixed. I am specifically in the cycling business in India. Our sale volumes have been going up and the manual work is increasing. What we do is - For each order, we split it (create drafts) such that we separate the SKUs (as different SKUs are sourced from different vendors). We then send the vendor a shipping label and invoice for that SKU. Can we automate this? Looking for an app/ solution that integrates with our shipping and invoicing app and 

- splits the order

- matches the order/vendor to the vendor's email ID

- creates the shipping label and invoice (using our currents solutions hopefully)

- emails the vendor the label and invoice

- provides some sort of tracking that order processed/ done

If there is no such solution, any direction for getting it custom made? 
Again, I am in India.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @MJ10 

All your vendors also from India? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hello @MJ10 

Sounds like a fantastic idea.

I run my website with almost the same requirement, at we have close to 100 vendors for whom we split orders, invoice, label and track.

We are doing this with the app

you can check it out and reach out to me at | +91 9022316865 if you have any queries.