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I ordered products on banggood.com and have been very disappointed.  


1. They shipped one product to my customer with pieces missing and the product did not look like the photo.  I asked for a refund 5 times and they finally agreed to refund less than HALF the price!


2. I got 2 warnings on Amazon that there were 2 products I listed from Banggood that had ownership claims and that Banggood had no legal permission to sell these.   I contacted Banggood and they told me they removed one of the products and are not selling it but when I asked for a letter from them to show Amazon they refused to give me one now my account is at risk of deactivation on Amazon.


I would think twice before risking your online accounts and customers by selling this companies products!

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Hi @bentbrandon 


We recommend refunding your Amazon orders ASAP to save your Amazon seller account.  

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Yes, I have done that.  The only issue is that 2 items I posted from them infringe on some ownership/copyright of other companies.  I tried to message Amazon a bunch of times explaining the issue but they keep asking for a letter of permission to sell.


I contact Banggood several times and of course they ignore me.  Now I have 2 marks on my Amazon account.