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Best way to dropship with multiple suppliers?

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I am really exited about this online store idea I have but I am running into an issue.  I am sourcing products from multiple suppliers, and none of them are the popular dropshipping suppliers that are associated with easy to use apps.  Some of them dropship by just having clients email them with orders everyday.... and I do NOT want to do this.  Other suppliers are willing to dropship for me but they themselves don't know of a good way to go about doing it.  

So, I am praying that someone here can help me and suggest a solution that I can present to my suppliers and make dropshipping less of a burdensome thought for them(and myself).  I would like to be able to have orders go straight to my supplier after the customer orders ideally.. this way I am not spending hours organizing orders by supplier and then emailing individual orders to each supplier every night.  


If anyone can help me, it would seriously make my month!  


oh, and I know a lot of people ask this question with the main concern being products arriving to their customer in separate packages, I don't really care about that and I don't think my customers will care either if I explain to them different suppliers ship separately... I just want to streamline the ordering process. 

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You are not a supplier of anything in my store.  Nobody I am supplying my store with operates out of China.  Thanks though. 

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Hello @Nous333 

Do your customers have stores in Aliexpress? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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do my customers have stores? 



do my suppliers have stores in aliexpress?  If that is what you meant to ask, read my original post again.  





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My logistics partner has their own warehouses in China and all over the world, if you need, you can put multiple suppliers' goods to their warehouses first, they will help you pack according to your order and then send it to the world, they can offer me this service, the price is very good and the speed is very fast, I don't know if it is suitable for you!

The most impoetant is there are free for warehouse within 30days.



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@Nous333 We can help you out with your problem, Our dropshipping company can help you out since you don't want to contact multiple suppliers and you want your all your orders to be synchronize. Please visit our site to find out more.

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