Best way to offer my products to other stores to dropship?

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Hi all, we are a company based in the UK and would love to offer our products for other UK based sellers to offer on their own websites for us to dropship. We have a huge range and stock of many items and fulfil our orders promptly. We have been asked the question about dropshipping on behalf of other companies who would like to offer our products a few times now and it is something we would love to offer. Whats the best way for me to do this using Shopify? Ideally, we would like other store owners to be able to pull in our items and add to their stores easily like using Oberlo so they get the latest prices, updates and images.


We would also like that when one of our dropshippers makes a sale, it pulls through to Shopify for us just like any other sale so we can promptly process the order for our customers.


We have one customer at the moment who send us an email once a day with his orders on, addresses etc but its becoming a nightmare manually adding all this info to courier websites, removing items from stock etc and we need a way to simplify this and so we cana offer this service to other suppliers in the UK.


Can anyone offer some guidance on the best way to do so?



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Hi @SpareAndSquare 

Try Syncee! It is completely free for suppliers:

Syncee - Global Dropshipping
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