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Best way to sell my products on another Shopify store?

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Hey there!

I have a shopify store with an extensive list of products, variants, and inventories. I would like to have a friend of mine sell my products from his shopify store but when it comes to fulfillment it would be me doing the work. What is the best way to integrate our stores so that everything is automated and not creating additional work?



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Hi @sea-shur-jewelr 

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I was also interested to know that!! hope anyone could give us a light

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Hi @tainarehder @sea-shur-jewelr 

Here's a video demo of an integration between two Shopify stores we've done for another merchant. It shows two different stores open on the left and right of your screen.

We have complete inventory integration between the two stores based on common SKU codes. If inventory in one store changes due to either a sale or an inventory change, the inventory for the same SKU will be changed in the other store and vice-versa. Please DM or email me at if this is of interest.




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Hi @sea-shur-jewelr 

You can this withs Syncee's DataFeed Manager:

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