Big Texas Ships Screen Printed (Ink not DTG) T-Shirts from Austin, TX within 1-2 Days - Sell on Shopify, Amazon, eBay etc. (US and AU Only)

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In October, we expanded our print facilities from Melbourne, Australia to Austin, Texas. Austin is centrally located and can ship prouduct throughout the continental US in just a few days ... 3-5 Day Tracked Delivery.

*** We're old-school plastisol ink screen printers ... we don't use DTG equipment - just ink and screens. ***

We offer wholesale ordering from both the US as well as in Australia for our core brands, Big Texas and Mintage.

Over the years, we've been able to build a 7-figure business selling on marketplace sites like Amazon and eBay and continue to do so. Some of our sellers sell up to 75 tees a day. We have extremely fast print and ship times and ship 90% of orders within 24 hours and see the great majority received within 3-5 days both in the US and in Australia.

We can help you make some money and we can help you do it quickly and efficiently and more important, sustainably.

Most of our customers ship consolidated daily orders to their address and distribute orders directly from there. In some cases, they prefer to drop ship orders direct to their customers. While we are happy to do that, we encourage you to build you own Shopify sites and grow your own brand and business!

With only 10+ daily consolidated items, we'll tagless label them for you for FREE!

One of our customers did this and branded his own line of tees and took photos for brand registry inclusion. He was accepted and now sells his own line on a couple sites as well as his own. Easy. He does 6-figures in sales in just our tees! Crazy.

Send us your logo, order 10+ tees at wholesale, photograph them and bamn! Your own unique brand to list and sell. Much better, more sustainable and helping you to do it right by building your own tee-empire! We're like you, hungry .. and we'll help you get there and do whatever it takes!

Contact us though: (US) or (AU)

We screen print t-shirts by hand and see real, solid sales on Amazon, eBay sites, etsy and our own Shopify sites. We will help make your line a success and back you up with screen printed product shipped fast to you or your customers. Easy, no cost or risk and proven sales. We want to help you, help you!

Give me a holler if I can help you make some moola. :-)

- Mike /