Can I do dropshipping with anime clothing if the supplier has a license to the product?

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the product^

ok so since I don’t want to get sued or copyright claims or anything like that for dropshipping anime clothing from alibaba and I’m pretty sure you need a license to sell anime clothing but let’s say I contact the supplier telling them that I want to work with them and asking them if they have a license to sell the product and let’s just assume they said yeah they wanna work with me to and yeah they has a license to the product since they have a license can I dropship the same product with out any risk of getting copyrighted or sued? Or are there extra steps before I can sell the product? If there is please tell me. Every answer is appreciated 

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umm, you better not do it because supplier in alibaba may not have the license even if they said so.

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Hello @Steve119 

Better ignore licensed products in dropshipping. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Yes I know some of them lie but let’s just assume that they are telling the truth and have a license to sell the anime clothing can I know dropship that clothing too?