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Can i prepaid costum taxes for my costumers?

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Hi, on my shop i offering free shipping on purchase of 100$ to simplified the way to purchase of my costumers. I'm doing dropshipping of 3 diffrent countries. I would like to know if is it possible to prepaid custom taxes? The principal zone where i'm doing my business is in USA and Canada. How much fees can i expect to paid on clothes and accessories in USA and Canadian custom? I know Canada are free of custom taxes on amount of 20$ and less. In USA, it was 800$, but Mr. Trump drop this amount to 200$ in september 2019. I would like to know where to get all the information about custom taxes from both countries! Did, Shopify as build information page to help his community?



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Hi @SC7! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


From what I know, pre-paid taxes would be quite tricky as it's different per country. And as you mentioned, based on the info you found, custom taxes vary per country depending on the total amount your customer buys. In any case, might I ask what platform you're using to source out products from? Have you had the chance to check Spocket out? On the platform, we have an automated order fullfillment processs that does all the work for you - including custom taxes. Our suppliers compute the total cost of taxes and customs duty depending on the country the customer is located in. So in other words, if you want an uncomplicated order fulfillment process, Spocket might be an app you'd want to check out! You can learn more about the order process is: Automated Order Fulfillment


You can also learn more about Spocket by visiting the official website and joining Spocket's official Facebook group! As a quick overview, Spocket is a dropshipping app that gives you access to thousands of suppliers from the EU and the US who can provide you with quality products that can be shipped in 3-5 days. 



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Prepaid custom tax is not possible. It's only your buyer should pay their local customs at the time of receiving. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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