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Checkpoints before you choose the perfect Shopify Dropshipping Apps for your store!

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  1. The app lets you choose products from Shopify or instantly sync your chosen products with your shop.
  2. The perfect app has the best rated and reviewed suppliers.
  3. The biggest flaw with dropshipping is longer shipping times. Look for apps with suppliers from all over the world (or at least near where your customers are) such that the shipping times are minimal.
  4. Another difficulty with dropshipping is keeping prices low but margins to a point where you can still make money. Since you're not handling shipping or storage, dropshippers tend to charge you more than wholesale pricing. The key here is to research suppliers on each app to see if you can actually make a profit without gouging your customers.
  5. Customer Support is also a challenge review the suppliers in a manner who can handle the buyers in case of a return or some damage issues
  6. Are you able to get product samples? This is one of the only ways to maintain quality control with dropshipping.
  7. Are you able to put your own branding on the packaging? Many suppliers do not let you brand their products! Make sure that this is a very important point as it deals with more of the authenticity of the store as well as is important for the trust of the buyer!

Here goes the list of dropshipping apps you may consider according to what suits you the best!

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