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I'm looking for a website/software in which I can make clothing on such a way that it is shown like its already printed. I used printify, in which you can design your clothes and they immediately show you how it looks like on a real product.

However, printify doesn't allow you to design the sleeves of a hoodie. Does anyone know a website/software like printify?


Also, do you guys know a website which allows you to have models wearing your clothing just by uploading your design? I've seen people using it. They upload their design and the website/software automatically makes the models wear them. It's like an online model software. I only know placeit but it is really expensive. Are their any websites like placeit?


Thank you so much

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Hello, I too am looking for a better software/distribution place where I can print on sleeves and hoodies too! 

Llimited in clothing inventory and not much selection to show my ideas. Let me know if you have found an alternative. Thanks!

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Hello @Job2506 

Please give a try to We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Will check it out. Also if you have any good sources for workout apparel would be appreicated!! thanks!

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Hi @Job2506  and @MagnumBI 

I saw your comments and wanted to offer some thoughts.

Having the item with treatment you want - like on sleeve - can be done through sampling or photoshop to get a view of the item before the product exists at scale.

Unfortunately, there is no tool I know of that can do this outside of 3D CAD apparel design tools (hefty investment).

Why doesn't this exist?

Different printing methods have different restrictions for size, application, and placement on apparel which makes it a bit hard to automate. It really depends on what you are trying to achieve, how you want to achieve it (digital print, screen print, embroider, sublimate, etc). 

If you're looking for a way to develop the product you have in your mind, I would suggest to check out

We are a production platform that helps you design and digitize the unique products you want to sell and connects you with a network of vetted, no minimum manufacturers to produce your product on-demand sustainably and ethically in the USA.

You'll be able to find an amazing supplier partner to produce items you WANT to sell.

What's more? We integrate through Shopify so you can choose to sell pre-order or in small inventory runs and batch orders to put into production with your manufacturing partner.

If you have questions or would like to share more about the type of product you're looking for, I would suggest setting up a demo with our team at!

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I would like suggest you a store where you can find what you are looking for - Loot.Sale

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