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Combo POD and self fulfillment site questions

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Hello, can a Shopify site sell both self fulfillment products and Print on Demand products? What will the standard out-of-the-box user experience be like at check out regarding shipping rates and shipping times? (Self fulfillment products would come from location A, while Print on Demand products would ship from location B. Thus presumably there will be different shipping rates and fulfillment and shipping times per product.) Would any kind of special shipping apps need to be added on to the site in order to deal with the likely different shipping costs and shipping times per different fulfillment type? Or does a standard Shopify site handle this with ease usability wise?

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Hello @skatestar 


In Shopify, now you can set up shipping cost for Individual products. So no worry about having multiple types of products in your store. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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