Connecting Shopify to Shopify and Shopify to third party with an API

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Hello all,

So I run a store that curates a wide range of cycling products  from a number of different brands. Some of these we stock traditionally at our warehouse and others we would like to dropship straight to our customers.

I use Stocksync to manage the inventory, which seems to work fine, but I could use some help with connecting Shopify to Shopify via an order API initially and then from Shopify to a more general API down the line. 

1. Are there any apps that allow orders to be generated and fulfilled by a third party automatically between Shopify stores? 

2. If not, is this a job for a developer or Shopify Expert?

3. Is it possible to be added as a sales channel by a third party, so that they can control how stock is viewed on our store and view inventory?



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Hi you can use a Shopify webhooks functionality

- Open up a Shopify Partner account
- Login as a partner and navigate to Apps
- Create an App and set it to run at your favourite cloud provider
- Install the App in your shop
- Add an endpoint in your App to accept Shopify webhooks
- Parse the webhook data when it arrives so you can send that data to your 3rd party API
- Add the code to contact your 3rd party API and send them the data
That is all there is to it. Standard web/internet computing with a bit of oAuth token exchange with Shopify, a simple web App on your part, and the connection to a service for data exchange.

Hope this will help, here is the reference Thanks!

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