Contacting customers from outside countries/different languages

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So I've just got my first sale ever! Couldn't believe it, but I really wanted to make sure that I got the customer info right. Upon checking to confirm that the address is a real address (so I don't end up having the supplier ship to a wrong location), I couldn't find anything regarding the zip code that was given to me and the actual zip codes that are supposed to be apart of that person's city. I tried contacting them, but I have a feeling they might not be able to understand me. Would it be wise to use Google translate into their country's language and ask again?


I just really want to make confirm the address is exact, and either way, if it ends up not being right, I'd have to try to communicate with them anyways right?


Not sure where to really go right now. It's probably been about an hour or so since I've emailed the customer, but no response yet. I'm thinking of just waiting until I get an actual response. Hoping it goes well.


Was very excited to see that I've got a sale and it would've been nicer if I didn't have to worry much about figuring this out, but either way, I'm happy to see it.

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