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So, our company sells direct our our website, but we also have customers who contract with us to buy certain products over the year. Customers fulfill this contract as needed throughout the year and pay for the amount they receive at that time.

We'd like to integrate our contracts into our site. We have a big budget to work with for custom development. It seems like there are no apps that can manage and execute contracts in this way.

I imagine it could exist on a subdomain (we're Shopify Plus) and require a login. We would need to sync inventory across the domains and push sales to our main site for fulfillment.

We're also hunting for an agency to completely overhaul our site and do a custom build, so this could be a part of that.

Anybody have any thoughts on how to go about this? Thanks for your help!

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By integrating the contracts into the site, do you mean you'd like to translate the rules into logic into the site. For example, when a customer comes on the site the see they must order certain products, or perhaps have product auto-order according to the contract? Or is it just having a customer portal with the contract visible? Or maybe something completely different? 

I do custom work on Shopify and have built multiple complicated apps such as and - that have similarities to what you're trying to do.

Shoot me an email: if you are still looking for someone to solve this for you. I am available for a call this afternoon if need be, and we can discuss exactly what you'd like to build.