Customer order have multiple products sourcing from different drop shipper

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Background: I plan to open a new shopify store and the product are sourcing from different drop shipper / supplier. I am new in shopify platform. Therefore, I would like to see if anyone can help to answer following questions =]




1. Because my dropshipping supplier can ship directly to customers shipping address. If i do not have additional set up, what will be happening if the end users order products come from different suppliers? In the worst scenario, they will receive the purchased products one by one?


2. If I want to consolidate all the products in advance and group it as single shipping for customers, what should I do in shopify? Is there any shopify app can empower me to this and also automate the entire process?


Thanks in advance ~ 

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When you dropship from multiple vendors you will face the following issues if one clients order multiple items from multiple suppliers in your store:


1. Different labels or logos for different items with different quality. It will hurt user experience greatly once they received the products;

2. Clients will receive multiple packages for the order he paid, some packages even contain the supplier thank you card, coupon card etc. It is hard for them to repeat purchase in your store the next time;

3. No matter it is free shipping or not, clients paid multiple packages shipping cost for the items they ordered, it could loss your competitiveness in the future.


Thus you may need to find a fulfillment agent to help you fulfill the orders with the following services:


QC service

Warehousing service

label removing / private label

consolidation service - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent
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Hi, my app Simple Purchase Orders can help you out.

Simple PO allows you to route orders to suppliers automatically and can handle split orders with ease

Any other questions please don't hesitate to ask

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hi kit.

It can not be a problem once you sourcing from a sole supplier to fulfill all your dropshipping orders.

You will benefit like bellowing:

1. your clients who ordered muti products in your store, will get their goods in one parcel.

2. you can save the shipping cost to higher your profit. Since shipping cost consists of two parts: cost of weight+cost of mailing,

for multi item orders. if they are shipped in one parcel. you will be charged cost of mailing only one time.


we are in dropshipping fulfillment business for over 3 years. Servicing 100+ clients with processing ability of 3000+ orders per day.

Maybe we can help you!

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I find it appalling and terrible that after all this time, the issue remains and the developers find this feedback useless. Each time I chat in, I am met with broken grammar and false promises and such a lack of awareness of this well-documented issue. All of the money that is brought into to Shopify and this is how we are serviced. I am losing money BY THE MINUTE

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Hello @kit18 

Answer 1: Yes your customer receives in different parcels and different times. You can say your customer that products are from different warehouses. 

Answer 2: I think not possible in Shopify to group like that when customer ordering from different suppliers. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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