Do I need to legally register a business to sell others' products in my site?

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I am in the process of building the shop. I have noticed in the admin panel that my address is already put in the place of suppliers address and my online stores name (legally not registered ) in place of vendor. So I feel it is not right. Will appreaciate any Ideas...  In particular

1. Do I have to register a business before selling the suppliers products. 

2. If yes, where to register if I am selling chinese products to several other countries.

3. Do I need a business address and a registered business to post an add via facebook either ?

Besides I noticed in the recent covid19 announcement of shopify, that if we claim a product to have some function, we need it to be documented. I am not sure if it refers to those who sell others products. If I put the product description that the supplyer has, do I have to get the legal documentation for each product from the supplier or what ? Will appreaciate any Ideas... 

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Hi @mpoghoyan 


May I know your country, please? So that we can advise on legal things to start. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi, I live in Armenia, but I do not want to sell products in Armenia nor the suppliers are from here. My suppliers are from China and I want to sell in several countries such as US and Europe..

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Well you can sell products from your own website without registration of the company but you have to be registered as a proprietor.

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