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Hello I am new to Drop shipping with Alibaba. 
And I am a little confused about how the shipping actually works. Does the supplier on Alibaba total up what they are going to charge the person for the shipping fee And the product? Or is that something that I’m gonna have to calculate on my end?


and by me being new to the whole scene of drop shipping I think that’ll be a lotta confusion for me because I don’t know their methods of shipping processes and prices.

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Hi @3DSMom 


I understand that you are getting started with dropshipping and want to get to grips with shipping and what this whole process is about, is that right? 


Dropshipping is an order-fulfillment method that lets store owners sell directly to consumers without stocking any inventory. When a customer purchases a product from a dropshipping store, a third-party supplier ships it directly to them. The customer pays the retail price you set, you pay the suppliers’ wholesale price, and the rest is profit. You never have to handle products or invest in inventory. 



You get to set the shipping price within the admin to charge your customer, however, the initial price is given to you by your supplier so you can choose to incorporate it into your product cost or set it at checkout. 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi @3DSMom 


We recommend to start with Aliexpress. 

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Dropshipping with Alibaba is commendable But it may not be as simple as you believe. If you wish to ship on Alibaba, there are some information you need to know. 


Alibaba is the world's leading B2B platform for wholesale profession, linking Chinese makers as well as wholesale vendors with little to tool companies across the globe.

Alibaba's history is in assisting vendors reach an international target market for their items and provides buyers, much of whom are operating drop delivery organizations, with a wide range of cost-free tools to aid in locating the items they require swiftly and successfully at all-time low prices.

As a B2B industry, things are sold in bulk on Alibaba (unless bought as examples). As the website is an industry for wholesalers instead of a solitary vendor, Alibaba does not have the inventory of the product offered. Instead, the site connects customers and sellers with each other (unlike Amazon, which has stock and also supply chain of its merchandise and also markets directly to the customer along with using a separate drop delivery solution called 'Fulfilled by Amazon' or 'FBA.'). There are also other options aside from Alibaba. You can check Fulfillman Dropshipping Services. They are a good fulfillment center company in China. They have all the knowledge related to Dropshipping and help many store increase in sales. Their team of experts is capable of searching for winning products, branding products, logo making and many more. And, deliveries are fast using their own Private Line. 


Alibaba makes money by taking a commission from each transaction along with charging membership charges to sellers with storefronts on the site. Vendors are not charged for listing their items, though added selling functions as well as upgrades are available for a fee.

Alibaba can be utilized to source distributors (usually situated in China) who can give products wholesale as well as accomplish orders for your dropshipping service.

The website has actually gotten rid of most of the barriers to entrance faced by dropshippers, supplying wholesale prices as well as placing no limitations on where or exactly how items are marketed (buyers are complimentary to list items on Amazon and their own ecommerce sites, both independently and wholesale to one more service customer).

If you currently know your ecommerce particular niche, just make use of the Alibaba search bar to find items prior to using filters to limit outcomes. It's feasible to tailor your options to fulfill private demands like price, preparation etc in addition to whether the vendor is likewise the maker of the product and also the country in which the thing is created (you may want to think about suppliers in Japan for electrical products while organic cotton is finest sourced from China. Bangladesh or Pakistan, as an example.).

Besides, Alibaba is generally a safe and also reliable site, but there will certainly always misbehave apples out there, so do your due persistence prior to any type of cash changes hands and also always acquire a sample to check quality before positioning a mass order.

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