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I am new to this and just trying to understand what I can do with regards to possible shipping issues. I wondered if you had a customer that lives in the USA and have suppliers that dropship products from there and then you get a customer from Canada or EU looking at the same product. Is there a way to setup a different supplier that produces in those other areas to send to those customers instead of from the USA supplier?

Thank you in advance

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Hello @Cosmosys 

Get in touch with Chinese suppliers to deliver in other countries except USA.  Private suppliers recommended like  EPROLO, Udroppy, Cjdropshipping, Chinabrands etc . . 

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In Printify, there are suppliers that produce and ship in Canada and the EU, is there a setting in Shopify that will allow us to set a certain supplier for a customer that comes to the store to purchase something outside of the USA? So a Canadian person buys a t-shirt but instead of using My Locker, the system would put the request into one of the Canadian suppliers.

Is this in the settings some where?