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Drop Shipping Wooden Toys in Australia

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Hi All, 

Hoping for some guidance on drop shipping suppliers for a specific niche and some clarification around Aliexpress shipping selections. 


For context, I am currently in the research and planning phase for setting up an online store to drop ship in australia, I have two ideas/niches that I have been researching and playing around with and now i'm moving into looking at feasibility of my preferred option. What I have selected is around retailing wooden montessori type toys that hit both that aspirational aesthetic that instagrammers love while also having pedagological backing in supporting play and early development.

In confirming that the kind of toys that I'd want to retail are out there I found Aliexpress to have a lot of what I had in mind, though quality would obviously need to tested. My concern (which I suspect is not unique) is being based in australia and mid pandemic that shipping times would be lengthy for many of these items. 

To that end I have the following questions : 

1. Does anyone know of Australian suppliers who do dropshipping that would fit this brief outside of eleganter and wholesale baby (whose catalogue I can't view as I'm not advanced enough in this process)

2. A number of my desired products show on Aliexpress as having a "ship from australia" option which could make it more feasible, though the estimated delivery times make it seem dubious that it really is shipping from Australia - can anyone share their experience or feedback with this? Would this be correct and the supplier has a warehouse in australia, or are they misrepresenting? Not sure how to approach this with some of the suppliers on Aliexpress. 


If you made it this far - thanks crew!!


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Hi @hunterash 

Some of the recommended AU dropship suppliers We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Hi, @hunterash 

Most of the sellers on Aliexpress are shipping from China, few of them have warehouses in Australia. The delivery time from China to Australia can be fast. 

I can help you source wooden toys supplier in China and help you ship to Australia with fast delivery time.

Feel free to message me or add me on skype.

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