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Are there any restrictions for dropping shipping kids toys from Ali Express? 

I want to make sure the supplier uses safe material, so how do this? I'm assuming the Ali Express platforms makes sure things are safe or is there a check box in the search that I have to use. 


example here




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Hi @ahab 

Already many Shopify sellers successfully dropshipping kids and baby toys from Aliexpress. So no worries. 

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That @dropship_helps I'll try to look into it more. That helps.

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Find suppliers for toys maybe difficult because the safety issue,

and like other people said, some product description are very different from the real prodcut.

you need reliable suppliers for this kind of product.

I will suggest you to check out the app in shopify app store call "OurMall"


they have tons of suppliers and they make sure the product is good before they ship out.

Hope it helps.

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thanks @awesome20s , I'll check that out.

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There will be no restrictions on importing toys from Aliexpress. It will be made possible with our Appfreaker, you can import directly from our app to your store directly with single click.
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I am a very responsible girl when we talk about online products. I had some bad situations, and at least for 3 years, I don't trust them. Last week I needed urgently some toys for a charity and all of the shops were closed. My only solution was to buy them online. I searched on the internet for a good platform and a lot of people said that https://www.giftideageek.com/minnie-mouse-toys/ is good for the online shop. After 2 days my delivery was at the door. I was so excited about the customer service. I recommend with confidence this super platform.

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No restrictions for dropshipping kid's toys from Ali Express. You can use oberlo to import the products.

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Hello @ahab ,

You can find the material on description of the product.

If you want more than one suppliers at one place for your store try DropshipmateHere, you can easily import products and before import you can edit the product too.

And you can fulfill your orders easily.


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Hello @ahab ,

I think Aliexpress has put up a list of warnings on what is and what is not allowed when selling toys on their platform. However, this just falls to the rule that all toys must conform to the general safety requirements. You can check this link for more details.

Speaking of selling toys, you might want to try dropshipping with Spocket. We have a wide variety of options you can choose from and this of course includes importing toys that are your chosen niche. If you'd like to import products from AliExpress, we also have a tool that could allow you to do that. Aliscraper is a product importer tool that syncs with AliExpress. You can check here for more info.

Spocket offers a 14-day free trial to test things out. We also provide a 24/7 customer support via chat if you have questions or email us at support@spocket.co. You can sign up using this link! We look forward to working with you!

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