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Hello All... SO.. like a lot of people here am new to this and have started a brand that is in it's final stages of trademark. It is geared towards people that live on the water and in the mountains. I am a company on it's very beginning and have read a lot of topics here... My store will not be selling products already out there as I am a brand that is trying to get MYSELF out there and on the market. I will be selling Hats, Hoodies, Decals, shirts, etc with my designs and logo. Just wondering who has had good luck with PRODUCING your brand and having it with a fulfillment company? I have a fulltime job (as for now, hopefully to change! 🙂 which I will not be able to have stock on hand and mail out on a daily basis as I frequent out of the US for extended periods of time and will need to do all logistics via computer. Any help or ideas with this?


Thank you all!

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