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Hello, pls I need help. How can I get products and the real picture to dropship.


My country is Nigeria. I need contacts, products and the real picture to dropship. Most needed items.

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Hi @jessyseb 

You can get it from your suppliers.

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You can get them from your suppliers, contact your suppliers and then they will provide you what you need. 

By the way, I think you should read this article: Shopify Dropshipping: The Ultimate Guide, it's all about Shopify dropshipping with many effective tips for your business.

Hope it helps!

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Hi @jessyseb ,

I'm Winnie from crov dropshipping. crov dropshipping is a dropshipping platform with thoudsands of vetted dropshipping suppliers and a wide range of quality products.

We now provide retailers with marketplace/e-commmerce platform integrations, file upload and API integration for listing products to their shop. Name, description, images and all other information are including. For more, please visit: https://dropshipping.crov.com.

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Hi @jessyseb, this is Larry from Spocket here!

I recommend using dropshipping apps that provide you with custom media from each supplier. One of these platforms is Spocket, which enables you to connect with US/EU-based suppliers and their products. You can browse through all of the images as well as reach out to suppliers through Spocket’s support channel where you can inquire about more media for your store!

Spocket has a free trial, so if you’re interested, you can sign up completely risk-free!