Dropshipping and Multipricing

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Hello everybody

the topic has been chewed through several times but:

In my shop, I need different prices in my own currency for every product and every country. the multipricing app is basically perfect. but the app doesn't work with OBERLO and auto fullfillment.

How do you manage to offer a separate price in your own currency for each country?

I have no problem with my final checkout in euros. but for the shopping experience i need e.g. 69.90 euros for germany and 69.90 dollars for usa. By conventioning with multi currency, the US customer has an unnecessary price of $ 75.
Believe me when I tell you that breaking the $ 70 mark for several products can be a killer criterion for buying. It is also really not fair, since European sales taxes are higher.

For shopify it would not be a big deal to offer dynamic price variations due to parameters such as geolocation, which also work with Oberlo.
some dropshipper here with good solutions???
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Hi! If you want to offer different price using local currencies among multiple markets, it's better to run multiple shops serving different domains. For example, set up exampleshop.com for US market, exampleshop.com.au for Australia market etc. In this way, it's better to control price, shipping cost, stock availability difference among different markets while allowing local currencies. 


You could auto direct your visitors to correct website URL links based on their geolocation. For example, use Geo Redirect tool. You can easily set up visitor redirection rules easily with a few steps. No code is necessary. The service will generate code for you to add to your website. Shopify is perfectly supported.


Hope it helps.