Dropshipping companies for women's clothes in the US

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I'm trying to start my store and I am looking for a drop-shipping company that has women's apparel in the US or that provides fast shipping. Most of the companies I found on Aliexpress dropships but the shipping rate and time frame is too long. I want customer's to continue to order with me. I also want to offer cute clothes like fashion nova. Do anyone know of any companies here in the US. my email is pleasantlymeboiutique@yahoo.com

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Hey @pmboutique

I would checkout these:

1. Sugarlips Wholesale: https://www.sugarlipswholesale.com/

2. Spocket: https://www.spocket.co/

3. Oberlo/Aliexpress: I know everyone thinks this is Chinese dropshipping, but if you go to the Aliexpress website you can actually specify that you only want to see products that are shipped from within the U.S. And there is a lot of women's clothing on there that is actually warehoused and shipped within the U.S.

Hope this helps!

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Hello @pmboutique 

Here are some of the Fashion companies from USA with Dropshipping option.






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We can help you source all women's clothes that you need and ship it in the US fast with our dropshipping services. Please check our site to know more.

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On the first day of Q4 2020, we ran a poll, requested online store owners like private label brand owners, crowd funders, and drop shippers about their concern over this Pandemic eCommerce Sales Season. Most of them were using  #Shopify, and fulfilling orders from China direct to their end customers worldwide.
The topic was "As an eCommerce brand owner what is your top priority in order fulfillment of orders?
️Delivery Time?
️Shipping Rates?
More than 70% of clients were worried about the rates !!

Fulfillmen helping by covering end to end service from sourcing - Order Consolidation & Warehousing - China Export Customs Documentation -Linehaul - Customs Clearance in the US-And last-mile Delivery all in 3-6 working days in normal cases in pandemic we still performing 4-8 working days delivery with a direct injection method to the US from last 4 years 🙂
📌No China tracking Info
📌Same day tracking updates from USPS system  ( not just parcel info )
📌Zone-based (zipcode)rate, so you can save on shipping cost.

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Hello! My name is Kylee and I own www.vividsoulfinds.com We offer wholesale for businesses such as yourself! We hand make everything in Oklahoma and would love to help fill your wholesaler needs! If this is something you are still looking for please contact us via email : vividsoulfinds@gmail.com 

Thank you 


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Beglobal-banner.pngIf you are looking for true US suppliers, there's a US platform with 1.2 million skus. You may find women's cloths, you will need to check them out. Shopify stores are fully integrated with their system. www.beglobal.company

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       I am from Aliexpress Dropshipping app. We are pleased to inform you that we provide dropshipping for "fashion nova" dresses through our supplier sites like ebay, amazon etc., You

can easily import products from our supplier sites to your shopify store.

-> You can easily place order by one click, and automatically redirects supplier sites then you can purchase manually.

-> You can also easily import products from our supplier sites by clicking on "Add To List" or "Edit Details" button.



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There are many suppliers based in the United States for women clothing. Our
concern should be that are they reliable for the long term?

We have readymade solutions for you. Please check

Our suppliers are verified and reliable.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

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Just want to add another alternative fo find fashion supplier in the USA:

-You can join the Shopify Dropship USA supplier Facebook group and ask in the group.  the supplier will reply to your post or DM you.
-CJ Dropshipping currently can offer dropship fashion product also from the USA warehouse
-Find any other suppliers on Etsy or eBay and message the seller whether they can help you to fulfill the order through a dropship
-Myonlinefashionstore.com site offers to dropship for fashion products or try Spocket. 

I hope it can help 🙂

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What type of women's clothing supplier do you want? How long do you want their transportation time? Do you think this(shorturl.at/jpqFX) is ok ?