Dropshipping gurus! Please help! I have some questions...

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Hi forum,

I'm writing an article on the topic of dropshipping, and I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following questions. Since there are a lot of actual experts here, I decided to consult this forum in hopes of receiving useful, accurate information (rather than Quora or Yahoo answers). If you can give me a detailed answer, even better! Thanks in advance. 


1. What is the dropshipping supply chain?

2. What can I write about dropshipping and customer experiences? 

3. Steady vs trending niches - what's the difference? 

4. Shopify and Oberlo - what do I need to know about the two if I'm opening an online store?

How would I use the two?

How do they work in general?

5. What are some alternatives to Aliexpress sourcing? 

How would I use them?

How do they work? 

6. Since this article is going to be a guide, what are some general or specific tips that you would offer to someone who is just getting into dropshipping?




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