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Dropshipping or marketplace? Help needed understanding business model for shopify store idea

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I want to create a curated niche online store in Turkey that sells chocolates from 20 of the top local producer of my choosing. I want the chocolates to ship directly from the producers to the buyers to guarantee freshness and also so I don't have to deal with storage and shipping and can focus on marketing. My site will be transparent about the fact that the products will be delivered directly from the producer. Would this be considered dropshipping? Do I need to use a marketplace app or can I manage products from different producers in a regular shopify store?

Also, accounting-wise would I first have to 'buy' the chocolate from the producer and have it delivered to the buyers address and then invoice the buyer myself or would the seller directly invoice the buyer and just pay me a commission?


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Hello @Denizdameniz !


I have read your scenario and your business should be considered as a dropshipping business since you are not physically possessing the goods nor are you handling shipping either.


No need for a marketplace app - you can manage products from different suppliers using a regular Shopify store.


Accounting-wise, you can invoice your customers directly.


Hope this helps!



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Hi @Denizdameniz 

When the seller ship directly to the customer and you are acting as a middleman, purely it is a dropshipping business. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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