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Hi! Bare with me I’m new to dropshipping But one minute I feel like I’m on top of things with set up, then the next minute I’m completely clueless.

So far I’ve
- signed up to shopify
- chosen a product
- found an AliExpress supplier who has a UK warehouse (i am in the UK and would have UK buyers)
- designed the store and connected payment methods

Now I feel like there’s something important I’m missing. I have a ton of questions and spend ages on YouTube but it never seems to answer my specific confusion.

For example, if someone buys a product from my store, won’t they end up with an invoice from the dropshipping company with their details on? There’s obviously no way of me including my own invoice in the parcel so how does that work?

I had one AliExpress seller message back confirming their ability to dropship etc and mentioned excel and cvs files. Why would I need these? What am I missing here? I can’t decide if this is something way over my head here and maybe I got a bit too ahead of myself thinking I can do this.

Thank you x

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Hi @Bella1988 

Normally the Dropshipping supplier does not include invoice on their company name. 

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Hey @Bella1988,

Great job, it sounds like you are well on your way. It's great you've found a UK warehouse!

Your question about the receipt is valid. I would ask your supplier if they are willing to exclude their branding or put yours on there. There are more questions we suggest you ask your supplier as well, we cover a list of 6 in our video:

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Best of luck!

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Hi @Bella1988 

I think you should read this article: What Is Dropshipping? Is Dropshipping still Profitable?. It's all about drop shipping so that you can find an answer to your question.

Hope it helps!

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