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Hey everyone,


I have a drop shipping shop and have multiple online suppliers. Fulfilling is pretty easy at the moment.


My problem is Shopify doesn't appear to have a way to input more than one tracking number and I'm not sure about what apps to use.


Basically if a customer has 3 items in 1 and all 3 are being sent separately, I'd like to notify the customer of of each item with their tracking info once received.


Any suggestions?

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Hi @ipurgatoryllc 


You mean one customer ordered 3 products from a different vendors in the same order? 

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  • Item 1 is from Vendor 1
  • Item 2 is from Vendor 2
  • Item 3 is from Vendor 3


But shopify doesn't a way to submit tracking for individual items in one order. It looked there was but it's really complicated.


I'm not sure why this is so hard for Shopify. They want to support drop shipping but it's not really made it for it.

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Did you end up finding a solution? I’m in the process of setting up my store up where I use multiple suppliers too

Do you find customers care when their orders come in more than one shipment?