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Hey, everybody.

I'm thinking of opening a dropshipping shop with Shopify. But first of all, I wanted to know what are the advantages of having my Dropshipping shop linked to Shopify? I'm here because I have doubts to start with, so I did some research on this subject and I came across the article from Dropshippingfrance that talks about the advantages of Dropshipping Shopify? Well, I want to know what you think of this article because I'm going to start as soon as possible! Is what is said in this article true? Actually, I find it tempting to start if it's true. I didn't think it was that simple! Or can you give me more information about "Dropshipping Shopify" so I can make my decision?

Thank you for your attention

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Hi @Jules2341 

You want to confirm the advantages mentioned in that article about shopify dropshipping is true or not? 

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Hi @Jules2341 

Whether you benefit from Shopify dropshipping is up to you. You need a well-functioning, user friendly Shopify store and products that people are looking for. And of course it's important that you market your store properly. That's when you can be successful and that's when it's beneficial to start dropshipping.

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Hello @Jules2341,

Because of its ease of use and the variety of apps available to add inventory to your store, it’s understandable why Shopify is a popular platform choice for Dropshipping.

Dropshipping is still profitable in 2021 because of the number of ecommerce activities taking place around the world. It is not only profitable but thriving! Ecommerce and Dropshipping profits have reached over $4 billion, which is a 7 percent year on year increase for the last 10 years.

Features of Dropshipping                     Feature Benefits
Wide selection of products            Easy to find what you want to sell Easy to change the products that you offer
No inventory on hand                    No storage or warehouse costs
No need to ship products yourself           No time spent packaging or printing labels
Shopify is the right choice for your ecommerce business, start small. Begin by working with just a few suppliers or only a handful of products, so you can learn the ins and outs of both Dropshipping and the Shopify platform.
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