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I am the author of the book "Level up your Line Dance Life" (also available in English in autumn / winter 2020) and am currently building a German online shop for line dance and western wear. We are currently in the process of creating sample shirts for production with regard to the topic of "Western shirts for line dancers". The shop (set up in Shopify, so the supplier should be included in the Shopify system if possible) has already been set up as far as possible and is just waiting to be filled. I got support from a professional e-commerce company to set it up. What I need is a supplier for the other goods. For this I am looking for dropshipping partners for the Western Wear division (hats, boots, belt buckles (customizable if possible (the logo of a line dance group or similar)), bolo ties, jewelry, purses (see belt buckles, belts and the like). Would a dropshipping partnership across the pond to Germany or in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein) work? I would appreciate positive news.

With best regards

Jörg Andert

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Hi @JoAnder-Brands 

Are you looking Germany supplier or supplier from anywhere should ship fast to Germany? 

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Thanks 4 ur reply. Well, i think both. But if i can find any supplier from Germany it would b great. 😉

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Have you found any dropshipping supplier with warehouse in Germany?

I am searching. If you know please send reply.




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Hi @JoAnder-Brands 

AliExpress supports shipping to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, It provides the Germany warehouse, also an AU warehouse.

You can also dropship from amazon.de.

You can easily dropship products from those suppliers to your Shopify store through ShopMaster



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No, does'nt found yet

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Dear Shopmaster, thx 4 ur post, but aliexpress is not what i need. The most of them r articles from china, and we don't want theese things. and, there r not the stuff we need 4 our western style.

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If you are looking for dropshipping to Germany, then you can try Ourmall in the shopify app store.  It support product sourcing, find reliable suppliers, get competitive purchase quotations,etc 

In addition, if u already have partner vendors, u can invite them  to join in, to process orders auto fulfilled. http://bit.ly/38FP8Sl