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Dropshipping Supplier NEEDED - Eco-Friendly products in Oceania

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Hi everyone,

we are an Australian based online store. We've already had multiple issues with AliExpress suppliers (poor communication, significant shipping delays, wrong shipping methods, etc.).

We've also searched around Google and other supplier database providers but it's extremely difficult to locate and find a trustworthy supplier. The ideal one would have a good choice of eco-friendly products (ie. homeware & accessories made of wood, bamboo, coconut shell, etc.) and either stock or ship to Oceania (mainly Australia & New Zealand) with reliable turn-around times.

Looking forward to your recommendations and suggestions.

Thank you,


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Hello @Koala77 

Best Eco friendly dropship suppliers:

Honest Green


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Hello there,

Thanks for the suggestions. We've taken a look at those 3 recommended suppliers but they don't quite match what we're looking for...

We currently offer a range of wooden/bamboo kitchenware (bread slicers, serving plates, reusable travel cutler - just to name a few), coconut shell bowls, seagrass woven baskets, etc... this is our online shop:

Any other suppliers out there that would fit for the above?


Thanks in advance,