Dropshipping through oberlo with aliexpress

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HI, Could someone help me with this problem. Okay a customer buys off my online store, i finalize the process going through oberlo as to fulfilling the merch and processing the order through aliexpress. So had the order was made to be shipped out, i receive the tracking number. But with this tracking number is just shows numbers and not a link nor a carrier. If i was to email a customer and send them the link aliexpress has for the tracking number it will direct them to aliexpress website which i dont want them to see where there merch is coming from. So I'm asking how to email my customers tracking number with link but not coming from aliexpress?


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Hi @Ai_mia 

Use 17track.net to send as tracking information link.  

Enter the tracking number --> Click on Track --> Copy the link in the address bar. 

There is no reference of Aliexpress shows here. 

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