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Dropshipping: Tips for Shipping Notifications on Multi-Supplier Order?

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Hi! I am currently testing the dropship process and noticed a snafu when a customer has a multiple product order that is fulfilled and shipped by different vendors.

Let's say a Customer orders three items from the store: Item A-a, Item A-b, and Item C-a:

  • Items A-a and A-b are fulfilled and shipped together by Supplier A Item C-a is fulfilled and shipped by Supplier C.
  • When Supplier A fulfills and ships --> Customer receives a shipping notification email with the tracking number for only 2/3 of their order
  • When Supplier C fulfills and ships --> Customer receives a second shipping notification email with the tracking number for the remaining 1/3 of their order.

My question is, has anyone found a way to work around sending a customer multiple shipping notifications on one order? Ideally, I'd like to wait to send the shipping notification until I can include a tracking number for multiple shipments into one email so the customer doesn't receive X amount of emails on one order.  Or, eventually parse down to one or two main suppliers.

Curious to see what others have experienced and done. Thanks in advance for your input!


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Hi @JErgo ,

This is Spencer, how are you? 

For orders with multiple suppliers, Shopify does give you the ability to fulfill it partially if it has multiple products from different suppliers. I would advise you to set the fulfillment to manual and wait for all the supplier's tracking numbers to be available. Once you have all the tracking numbers, you can then start fulfilling the order manually by sending the shipping confirmation emails.



Though please note that these emails will be sent separately (one for each supplier).  Shopify's functionality doesn't have the option to put multiple tracking numbers in one email. If this is necessary, you will need to hire a developer/ Shopify expert and developer this functionality for you. I hope this helps. 

By the way, have you heard of Spocket? It's a dropshipping app that allows you to sell high-quality products from our suppliers around the world.  You can sign up here for a free Spocket account.  For more information on how Spocket works for merchants like you, please check this article:  

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Spencer and the Spocket team