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I am new to Shopify and while I did some research before launching I am reading more and more comments on social media regarding merchants who are selling products similar to mine sourced from CJ Dropship or Alibaba.

Many complain about either waiting far too long for their products to arrive or products that NEVER arrive. According to CJ Dropship, most of the items I have listed, based on the delivery option I have selected, will be delivered no later than 15 days after the order is placed.

While I realize there may be merchants who fail to manually confirm the order with their fulfillment company, either CJ or Alibaba, others I am sure have done so and yet clients keep waiting for product.

Please share your experience in regards to shipping and product quality as it regards CJ Dropship. I am very curious.


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Hi @MountainCity 

Did you try any alternates to Aliexpress and CJ ? 

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No I am just getting started...so far only CJ products but as mentioned I do have some concerns. A merchants reputation is hard to fix if it is harmed in the early going. I'd prefer a company that ships from the U.S. but I am yet to find one that offers similar product at similar prices. One thing is for sure...an American based fulfillment center would be best as most of my customers will be coming from North America at least in the early going.

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Hi MountainCity,

If you are looking for quality products you should definitely check out our Marketplace. Syncee also integrate with Alibaba.

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