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I am going to start home decor store , My customers would be in USA and Canada. I am looking for a dropshipper who can provide me 2-5 days delivey.


If you have any warehouse in Canada or USA, Please let me know.


If you are going to ship from China, let me know how you can ship.


Also, i would like to understand, how do i use authenticated and reliable suppliers. Please help.



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Hi @dsapphire 

You can find reliable suppliers on Syncee Marketplace: https://marketplace.syncee.co/

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Hi @dsapphire 


For USA warehouse shipping please check this supplier app.  https://apps.shopify.com/merchmixer

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Hi @dsapphire 

Have you heard about Spocket? Spocket is one of the best dropshipping apps that is mostly used by dropshippers as it gives you access to reliable suppliers that are carefully vetted by our supplier team to ensure that only high quality products are sold to your customers.

Most of our suppliers are based in the US and these suppliers source and produce their own products and they will ship from the closest warehouse for faster shipping.

View all the available products from Spocket via the link below and get a 14-day trial to get a feel on how the app/service works: https://www.spocket.co/?utm_source=shopify&utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=vash



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You can check these suppliers:


SaleHoo is a wholesale and dropshipping directory.
Worldwide Brands.
Wholesale Central.
Sunrise Wholesale


If you want to find out about USA/EUROPE based suppliers then you can schedule a meeting with our team here  (https://dropshipcorporation.com/contact-us/)

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Please look at the below vendors:


 Worldwide Brands


 Wholesale center

 Inventory Source


 National Dropshippers


If you want to find out about USA/EUROPE based suppliers then you can schedule a meeting with our team here Contact - Dropship-Empire (https://dropship-empire.com/contact/)

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