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Eco-friendly/Organic Clothing - Print-On-Demand Dropshipper fulfilled in the US

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Has anyone had any luck finding a print-on-demand dropshipping company in the US who sells organic cotton tees and has eco-friendly packaging (no plastic, biodegradable/compostable)? I am finding some European companies but no US companies. 😞 I have been looking and looking and looking, with no luck!

I am currently using Printful and realize they have some (very limited) organic and eco-friendly shirts, but they ship their shirts in plastic, which most people won't recycle, and who knows if it will actually get recycled if they do!

I found an etsy shop that appears to work with a dropshipping company from Long Island City, New York that supplies organic cotton shirts, and they use vegan ink. They even apparently use solar power. Does anyone have idea what company this might be ?








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Hello @cottincandy332 

Please check this company. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Thanks for the reply. This is similar to what I'm looking for; however this is a a supplier from Germany and I am trying to avoid high shipping costs, long fulfillment times, and VAT.