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Eco friendly suppliers in the USA that also guarantee eco packaging?

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Hi, I would like to dropship products, but am very concerned about the packaging and shipping aspect of many suppliers.  It does not seem easy to figure out what the packaging policies are, and I believe that the first experience with a product involves how it is wrapped, this is an important component.  Any ideas out there?  Thanks much!

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Eco friendly packaging cost more and they will be add to the products, if the products you selected are medium and high value I think you can order eco friendly packaging with intuitive design, which not only eco friendly but also impressed by the clients which will bring you secondary purchase and viral sharing on the clients social network.


So if you are planning to dropshipping you can find a partner from China to help you provide quality products, eco friendly packaging as well as faster shipping delivery service at affordable price.

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I agree, packaging is so important! I am looking to set up a shop that sells exclusively eco-friendly products, I'm still in the research/planning but concerned I won't be able to use dropship b/c I won't be able to control the packaging, and I'm looking for minimal packaging,  if not speciality/recycled material, zero plastics etc 

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Hello @CatofSpades 

Some suppliers may accept eco packaging if you are willing to pay more for the same.  If you should cover the extra cost to the product cost which makes your price more higher than competitors. You may loose sales. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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Do you have the list of these eco-friendly suppliers? Please do share.

This is not about losing sales, this about people that are ready to put their dollars where their values are. 

Particularly if a business is selling eco-friendly products and promoting their brand as such, then everything including the packaging should align with that mission. 

Conscious, environmentally friendly packaging that produces LESS WASTE should become the norm. 

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Any luck finding suppliers?


Printify had a limited quantify of options however they're out of stock due to COVID19?....


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We can help!

We're eco-friendly FSC Certified here in the USA. 

Even made a course on Shopify about this. 

What're you all using to ship?