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Ethical, organic clothing supplier in Canada?

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Hi, I run a clothing store called The Thornycroft Shop after my late Grandpa Tom, a WWII veteran, here in Canada and I'm wondering if there are any good ethical dropshipping suppliers out there, maybe ones who will slap on my logo onto their products please? I'd really appreciate the help with this. I'm a newbie.


I don't mind where they are produced, as long as we're talking ethically made and not in some horrific sweatshop. My Grandpa was a big fan of all things organic and ethical and I want to make sure I live up to the family motto Do Right and Fear Nothing - Fortis Quo si Vincu. Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 2.34.17 PM.png


Thank you.




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Hi there Chris (@Thornycroft)! Have you had any leads so far ever since you last posted this? 


Before anything else though, props to you for starting your clothing store as a form of dedication to your Grandpa Tom. I'm sure wherever he is, he's proud of you!


Going back to your concern, have you had the time to check out Spocket? It's a dropshipping app that provides merchants with various selections of products from suppliers mainly coming from the EU and the US. This entails two things, one being the products available on our catalog are only of exceptional quality, and two, shipping times are generally faster due to the geographic origin of these products - shipping usually takes 3-5 days. Part of our line-up of items are ethically sourced products as seen in the photo below. We have a specific filter for it to make our merchants' search easier for them:




Unfortunately, we currently don't have suppliers from Canada who have ethically sourced clothing selections, though this is something I can raise to our Suppliers team so they can try to source them out and onboard them to our platform. Most of the items from Canada that are under this category are home decor. However, we do have a lot of suppliers in the US who have clothing choices that are ethically sourced. Maybe you'd want to check that out!


About your inquiry on branding, for the moment, Spocket doesn't currently offer logo branding on the items of suppliers. Though as far as branding is concerned, we do offer our registered members who are subscribed to our plans branded invoicing, where you can add your logo and other information about your store. This is to be included when your suppplier processes an order and ships a package to your buyer. Hope this is clear!


In any case, should you be interested, I invite you to visit Spocket's website so you can explore the features that we have for yourself and maybe consider joining. We'd love to have you!

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Hi @Thornycroft 


Please check the list below.


KenDor Textiles - Ranging from low minimum, in-stock programs to very large, custom made developments and everything in between, KenDor serves as a one stop textile sourcing destination.


Organic Lifestyle - We source directly from organizations that work with farmers and international certifying authorities to ensure that the highest organic standards are met. 


Respecterre - Respecterre is committed to “Wear the Future” by offering solutions to the problem of getting dressed in an eco-friendly way, while stimulating the local economy.


Eco Essentials - our commitment to increasing the Made in Canada component of our product line, and our commitment to the use of eco-friendly natural Hemp, Bamboo and Soy fibers. continues to be an exciting industry as more consumers make eco-friendly life choices about the products they buy.


Tree Chic Eco Boutique - Hemp, Bamboo, Recycled and Organic Clothing, All Natural and recycled accessories, bags, hats, sterling silver jewelry, body care, beads and gifts for the whole family. We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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