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European Dropshipping Suppliers (Home Decor and Lifestyle Accessories)

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I have read a few posts that are similar to this but nothing seems to quite fit. 

We are based in the UK and are looking for home decor dropsipping suppliers based in the EU - Currently we use Aliexpress to ship from China and frankly the shipping times are just far too long, we are looking to reduce these times. We believe suppliers based in Europe would reduce this time a bit however we also know that cost prices are likely to increase - We are willing to deal with this if the products are good.

Can anyone advise any European dropshiping suppliers specialising in home decor?



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Hi @Voxy 

Please check the Home Decor companies from EU offers Dropshipping.




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Excellent, thank you. Can you advise if these work/sync with Oberlo?



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Hi Voxy!

Contrado is a dropshipping supplier based in the UK and we ship worldwide. We have a full home decor range including wall decor, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom accessories, and more. We handmake everything to order and most items are ready to ship within 48 hours.

You can find our full home range here: 

I hope this helps!


Melissa from Contrado

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Hi. We handle some similar clients with same goals as you have. We can fulfill home decor products for you from China to all over the world. Our Private Line can deliver your products in just within 7-12 days average. You can also buy stocks and use our warehouse storage for free. If you want to learn more please check out our website and our social media pages.

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Hello @Voxy ,

Please check the given list:-

Wayfair                            Furniture, rug, curtain, art, candle, lighting, organization   
Koehler Home Decor       Furniture, bookend, candle, lantern, bath accessory           
Alrug                               Persian rug, handmade rug                                               
Ancient Wisdom              Aromatherapy, soap, home fragrance, candle                    
Eternal                            Design Bed frame, pillow, dining set, sofa, chair                  
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Hi @Voxy 

Please, check Syncee Marketplace:

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@VoxyYou may check offering home decor products.

If you are looking for readymade dropship website for home decor check our service



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Hi @Voxy,

Those are really interesting products to sell.  Have you tried Spocket? It's a dropshipping app that allows you to import high-quality products from our suppliers around the world. We do have suppliers like Graybay or Jade Epimetheus. They are UK-based suppliers that sell mostly furniture and home decor. 




You can sign up here for a free Spocket account and browse our catalogs of products.  You can also check our success stories on some of our retailers. 

Spencer and the Spocket team


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Hello. If you are interested in adding original hand painted glass vases to your catalogue pls check our website to get idea about our product line. We are a European manufacturer and plan to start dropshipping service from warehouse in Poland in October. Wholesale and light bulk is already available. We have over 500 decors and 20+ forms of vases in our portfolio. In case of further interest pls let us know to discuss terms of possible cooperation.

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there is a site that offers several suppliers, to see.

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