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Hi there! I am a new storeowner and to be up front, I don't know what I'm doing and have been struggling through the entire process just to open my online store.  Opening my store alone was so frustrating that I had to finish it myself (did I mention I don't know what I'm doing?)  I hired 2 consultants from another site to put my store together and I'll leave it at that...

So, yes, I technically now have a store online sitting there but have no idea how any of it works or what to do next.      

I humbly ask for advice on the most glaring problems I've noticed with my store so far: 

1.  FAST SHIPPING OPTIONS AND ADVICE. How do I get faster shipping of products being dropshipped by Ali Express/Oberlo to the US?  I personally would not order something online and wait 30 days to receive it when competitors can send me the same item in 2 days.  So why would I ask my customers to do that?  I see on some Shopify stores that shipping is done in a 5 day or less timeframe. Are there alternative drop shipping companies in the US that I can consider?  Or ones that ship quicker than 30 day?  WHAT AM I MISSING HERE?    

2.  RESOURCES (FREE & PAID) FOR INFO ON HOW TO RUN STORE.  AND WEBSITE BUILDER I CAN TRUST.  Where can I go to get trusted resources on how to successfully run and manage my store?  I often don't know the right questions to ask to begin with so is there a person out there good for someone like me?  Also, where can I find a trusted website person to redo my site and explain how to run it thereafter?  The web builder I used last time abandoned me after throwing together a template of crap and I repaired what I could (typos, wrong company information, wrong products, no payment sources worked, etc.) but it's not what I asked for.     

3. SHOPIFY EXPERT/CONSULTANT EXPERIENCE? Has anyone had experience with using a Shopify expert/consultant?  Would this solve my #2 question? If so, who did you use and how much should I expect to pay and what services can I expect in return?   

4.  SITE VISIT INFO SEEMS HIGH BUT NOT 1 SALE? Is it normal to have 450+ site visits in a 3 month period but not 1 single order (beside my own order)?  My products are for a very specific niche so I am confused why they don't order when they view my store.  What am I doing wrong or what am I not seeing that may be obvious to one of your pros out there?  

These have probably been asked and answered many times but I just am having issues overall with navigating to the answers quickly on the forum.  I am extremely grateful for any advice given and thank anyone reading this for taking the time to do that.  

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Hi @5dConnection 

What are your targetted countries? We Help Shopify Dropshippers
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The United States mainly but hard to know because I've had no sales yet.  

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there are fast shipping options available from China to USA via Aliexpress, as you can check the EMS, FedEx DHL shipping options on Aliexpress are quite high, another way is to find an agent with MOQ who can help you ship via small package line 7 to 12 days to USA, stable yet cost effective. However, based on your description, it is more about the conversation rates in your store. - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent