Fulfillman or HyperSKU ?

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I live in Norway, and recently launched my first Shopify store, offering shipping to E-packet countries.  From my brief experience so far, I am considering using a Fulfillment company -- one that offers the whole deal, like Sourcing, Storage, Logo-print, Packaging & Shipping etc.  So far, FullfillMan and HyperSKU looks most promising to me.  Anyone got experience with these or other companies ? 

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Hello @Bryn75 


Please check the below-recommended fulfillment companies. 
















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hello friends ,we are located in shenzhen and offer sourcing to fulfillment service .

6-8 days to most country and can offer logo printing with LOW MOQ .fulfill your 

orders within 24 hours .


skype :merry.geng 


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Excellent buddy for Drop-shipping business model, Love it. Buying and Adding products is made easier when I'm using their product catalog. Plus, their team of experts really provides me the necessary things to further my business. Take it from me.  I go with Fulfillman

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Thanks for the feedback. I actually sent a source request to Fulfillman, which I never got any reply to....  So I went for CJ Dropshipping, and have been decently satisfied so far with them. Might try out Fulfillman on my next project, given that they reply me this time 😉 

@EHinkles wrote:

It took me some time to generate sales when I was in HyperSKU before but when i met Fulfillman everything has changed because they provide good winning items in their catalog for me to choose and also they have a channel that introduced their winning products that updates every week. What I also like about Fulfillman is that they carefully inspects my products in their warehouse and professionally pack it for deliveries using a private line.


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By far the best international company for Dropshipping services. Best prices and wonderful customer service. Their freight rates are quite low and affordable. For me, Fulfillman is the best 5 stars

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Here’s what I got with Fulfillman. I have been using their Private Line for many shipments to USA. They have been provided me with Top-Notch service. The customer reps was very responsive and experience. My shipments were shipped promptly every time. Their price is very reasonable and competitive. Definitely a trustworthy company. Highly recommended!

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I recommend your check out the following companies:

1. megamalldeals.com 

2. nichedropshipping.com 

3. droshi.com

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ePacket ship to Norway takes too long time, you can consider ShipAnt China-Norway small package line, 7 to 15 days delivery, stable and cost effective VS ePacket. 

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Dear Bryn

Fulfillmen is one of the leading Fulfillment companies in china. We provide Sourcing, storage, Branding, picking&packing. Also, you can customize your shipping channel with our IT team. You can customize your  Pre-Tracking information to reduce your refund and complaints rates. Check our service we are different. thanks